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Free Neverwinter Astral Diamond Guide

Welcome to our free Astral Diamond guide for Neverwinter. In this guide we will show you some of the best tips to make tons and tons of Astral Diamonds. These tips can be implemented from level 1 so you’ll have more Astral Diamonds than you need at level 60. More farming locations and Astral Diamond / Gold tips will be posted in the Astral Diamond making section of the website as well, so check that out.

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Daily Quests

This you can start doing at any time. Speak to Rhix in Protector’s Enclave. He offers a whole slew of daily quests that can be completet for Astral Diamonds. At the moment he offer 6 different quests which will reward you with anything from 1000 – 4000 rough astral diamonds. You can do these once every day.


As soon as you can use the Invocation skill (Ctrl + I), use it to make Astral Diamonds. If you do this 7 days in a row you will get 7 celestial coins that can be spent on Coffer of Wonderous Augmentation which can contain a Coalescent Ward which sells for a few hundred thousand.

Auction House

Sell everything that is worth anything on the Auction House. Try to have the maximum number of auctions up at any time.


Do professions. Especially Leadership can make you some extra AD. You can use and not have to even log into the game for this.

Make Alts

Start new characters and get them to level 11 so you can do Professions and Invocation with them as well. They will also level since Invocation gives XP.


Check out our Astral Diamonds section by clicking in the menu above for a bunch of good farming locations.

In the end there are tons of ways to get rich in Neverwinter. It might seem alittle tough at first though. Our site will get updated with all the latest tips and tricks for success in Neverwinter so check back for updated and news.

Astral Diamond Guide


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