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Complete Neverwinter Astral Diamond Guide

Neverwinter astral diamonds guide

Welcome to our free Astral Diamond guide for Neverwinter. In this guide we will show you some of the best tips to make tons and tons of Astral Diamonds.

Daily Quests

Daily quests aren’t really quests anymore. You don’t have to go get an actual quest. All you have to do is complete a Dungeon, Skirmish or PvP battle to get bonus AD.

Bonus astral diamonds

The best way to take advantage of this is doing the daily dungeons on several alts. On double XP weekends, you can level alts to level 60 very quickly. The more alts, the more daily AD.

Normal Dungeons

Most of my alts are around level 60-65, on them i run normal dungeons for AD unlike on my main who can run epic dungeons instead.

  • Temple of the Spider is the only normal dungeon that is worth it to run. It is very fast and two runs will give you the almost 11k bonus rough AD for the day. If you have room on the Auction House you can pick up the various greens & blues that drop for extra AD. I usually pick up everything on alts as they have lett valuable stuff to post on the AH. Seal of the Adventurer can be traded for Bags of Rough Astral Diamonds.
  • At lower levels, The Cloak Tower is an alternative to ToS.


  • Before 70 it’s usually to time consuming to run skirmishes, but you can run whatever is available to you for extra AD.
  • Kessell’s Retreat – This is technically a skirmish but is listed under dungeons. When you have enough Icewind Dale reputation, get the Kessel’s Retreat Key (Once a day) through the campaign window. From Kessel’s you will get Alliance Gear that you can salvage for AD, Seal of the Elements that you can buy more Alliance Gear for, raw Astral Diamonds and various miscellaneous items that you can sell on the AH. If you’re lucky you can also get the Black Ice Beholder. A run with a key is usually worth 15-20k AD.
  • The Shores of Tuern is also pretty good, about the same as Kessell’s. I usually switch between these two. With a good group this skirmish can be very fast!

Epic Dungeons

Running epic dungeons has a few benefits over normal ones in terms of AD. First there is the two chests if you have keys. Secondly there is the insignias that drop from bosses. And third, is the various artifacts that can drop from different dungeons.

  • Lair of Lostmauth – This is the main dungeon worth farming for AD reasons. Mainly because it’s quick and you have a small chance of getting Lostmauth’s Horn of Blasting which sell for almost 500k.

Raids & Other Events

  • Storm King’s Thunder Heroic Events – This is one of the best ways of making astral diamonds currently. Lanolin, Animal Fat & Permafrost shards drop from these. These sell for around 18k, 40k and 100k each. I get around 4 lanolin in an hour in general meaing around 75k an hour. You will need these if you want your Storm King’s Thunder armor but i’d rather have the AD to be honest.
  • Demogorgon – The main reason you’ll be farming this is for the +4 & +5 rings. But you can salvage whatever rings you don’t use for some extra AD.
  • Big Heroic Encounters in your guild or alliances stronghold not only provide you with influence, but with resonance stones that you can sell on the AH if you don’t need them yourself
  • Dragon Run’s are every hour in Well of Dragons, here you can get Resonance stones that you can sell.
  • When Glorious Resurgence Lockboxes are dropping. Loot all you can. Keep them in your inventory for a few weeks or months. These will sell for a lot when they haven’t been dropping for awhile.

Other Items

  • If you have extra Demonic Ichor, you can either buy Drowcraft Chausses or Drowcraft Chaincoats and list on the AH, or if you have maxed out the Underdark campaing thing you can convert it directly.
  • The same goes for Storm King’s Thunder, Voninblod can be used to buy various items that can be sold on the AH.
  • Remember to spend all your seals. Seal of the Adventurer can be used to buy rough AD directly. While Seal of the Elements & Seal of the Protector can be used to buy gear that you can salvage.


As soon as you can use the Invocation skill (Ctrl + I), use it to make additional rough Astral Diamonds.


Getting VIP status will cost you a few dollars a month but it is easily worth it in terms of AD. You might even make enough AD of being VIP to pay for being a VIP. Every day you will get 1 lockbox key for the different kinds of chests that drop very frequently in the game. These chests have a lot of powerfull items, some that will be usefull to you and some that you can sell. Just today i got an Ensorcelled Mulhorand item that i sold for 79k AD within an hour. In a month of opening your lockbox every day, having VIP will easily pay for itself in terms of AD. You also get 15% extra AD from dungeons & skirmishes.


Salvaging can be done by visiting the salvage trader. When you are close to him you can right click salvagable items in your inventory and salvage them for rough Astral Diamonds. . These will very often reward you with rings that you can salvage for 2000 – 6000 rough Astral diamonds. When farming various dungeons & skirmishes salvage items add up quickly, to make more from your items you can also save these for double AD events.

Auction House

  • Sell everything that is worth anything on the Auction House. Try to have the maximum number of auctions up at any time.
  • Check the AH for items with low bids, that are running out soon. You can often get some deals this way that you can resell.
  • Buy the +1 & +2 rings from Underdark for around 2k, then wait for double AD and salvage for 4k.
  • Buy enchants and runes when it is double event and they are cheap, then sell when it is double refinement.


Do professions. Especially Leadership can make you some extra AD.

Make Alts

Start new characters and get them to level 11 so you can do Professions and Invocation with them as well. They will also level since Invocation gives XP.

Astral Diamond Exchange

This takes some practice to get good at and you will need to monitor the market at all times, but if you have a good amount of AD to spend you can make millions a week doing this. Basically buy low and sell high. Monitor the prices for a few days and note the lows and highs.

In the end there are tons of ways to get rich in Neverwinter. It might seem alittle tough at first though. Our site will get updated with all the latest tips and tricks for success in Neverwinter so check back for updated and news.

Astral Diamond Guide



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    Sep 02, 2016

    how to transfer AD from differente PG of same account?

    • Reply
      Sep 27, 2016

      The way i transfer Astral Diamonds, is that i use the AD/Zen Exchange to buy Zen with. I then sell the Zen for Ad immediately. Then log onto the other character and withdraw the AD.

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