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Neverwinter Best Companion

Choosing the right companion for your class in Neverwinter is essential, and there are tons to choose from. There are also numerous ways of getting new Companions. You can get them from the Companion Merchant with gold, you can buy them with ZEN or Astral Diamonds.

In the beginning, most players will be sticking to the standard variety of Companions from the Companion Merchant in the Grand Emporium. When deciding which Companion to get for your class the choices are pretty obvious, depending a bit on your playstyle.

There is usually no one specific companion that is best for any single class, and all classes have a few good ones to choose from.

Best Devoted Cleric Companions :

Ioun Stone of Allure, Cat, Cleric Disciple, Man-At Arms, Shieldmaiden,Frost mimic, Cave Bear, Sprite, Helmite Ghost, Dancing Blade, Fire Archon, Rust Monster.

Best Guardian Fighter Companions:

Acolyte of Kelemvor, Pseudodragon, Honey Badger, Phase Spider, Blacksmith,Rust Monster ,Dancing Shield, Sylph , Sprite , Book Imp, Cockatrice, Neverember Guard, Leprechaun, Astral Deva, Battlefield Medic, Pig

Best Great Weapon Fighter Companions :

Augment Companions (Cat or Ioun Stone), Yeti, Fire/Air/Earth Archon, Siegemaster, Blink Dog, Cleric Disiple.

Best Control Wizard Companions:

Augment Companions (Cat or Ioun Stone), Zhentarim Warlock, Acolyte of Kelemvor, Erineys of Bbelial, Air Archon, Fire Archon, Stone of Allure, Will-o-wisp, Intellect Devourer, Blink dog.

Best Trickster Rogue Companions:

Ioun Stones, Air Archon, Fire Archon, Erinyes, Yeti, Cambion Magus, Dancing Blade, Slyblade Kobold

Best Oathbound Paladin Companions:

Augments, Earth Archon, Rust Monster, Zhentarim Warlock, Blacksmith

Best Hunter Ranger Companions:

Mercenary, Earth / Fire / Air Archon, Yeti, Erinyes of Beilal, Blink Dog

Best Scourge Warlock Companions:

Mercenary, Air Archon, Intellect Devourer, Blink Dog Erinyes, Shadow Demon, Siege Master

neverwinter best companion

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