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Neverwinter Best Solo Class

The classes in Neverwinter are all pretty good balanced for PvE and PvP, both when it comes to solo and group play. What class is the best comes down a lot to the skill of the players and how you play your class. Combat is very different from many other games, with few skills and survival comes down to how well you dodge attacks. If you are good at dodging, all the classes are very good at soloing. The classes are excel at different things though. Below we will go over the different classes pros and cons and you can make up your own mind on what class you can solo best with. Solo Skill means how hard it is to solo with the class and how much skill is needed. Solo capability means how well the class soloes if played right.

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Neverwinter Best Solo Class

Guardian Fighter

Solo Skill: Easy

Solo Capability:  Good

Guardian Fighters are pretty easy to learn to play. You can take a lot of damage and you have quite good AOE capabilities, which is important when soloing and especially leveling. Team up with a healing companion and Guardian Fighters can survive a hell of a lot.

Great Weapon Fighter

Solo Skill: Easy

Solo Capability: Decent

The Great Weapon Fighter can be a very good soloer if played right with a Cleric companion. You have decent survivability and AOE damage.

Devoted Cleric

Solo Skill: Hard

Solo Capability:  Very Good

The Devoted Cleric is the most challenging class to solo well, but once you learn the ins and outs and find a build you like, the Devoted Cleric is perhaps the best class to solo. I leveled my Cleric to level 60 without dying once. Learn to dodge and heal up after dodging, then throw in high damage spells on the mobs when you have some breathing room and you will never die. The Devoted Cleric can kite any boss without taking much damage at all.

Trickster Rogue

Solo Skill: Medium

Solo Capability:  Very Good

Trickster Rogues have been a favorite amongst players since launch. The have amazing damage and stealth. Teamed up with a good companion, the Trickster Rogue might be the best solo class in the game.

Control Wizard

Solo Skill: Medium

Solo Capability: Good

The Control Wizard is also a capable soloer, with high ranged damage and crowd control to keep the mobs at bay. If played skillfully Control Wizards can be very good soloers.


So you see, in the end, all of the classes solo well. Any class can at least level up to level 60 quick by soloing. The Trickster Rogue might be the best choice if you want a good solo class that’s relatively easy to play. But if you want a class that excels at soloing when a experienced player is behind the wheels, perhaps go for a Devoted Clering. In general i would just pick the class i wanted to play the most, and as you learn the game you will be able to solo well with all the classes.


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    I got this game for xbox. I know this is a pc game and am wondering where is the Hunter Ranger?

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    you name all but two class what about them ?

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