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Neverwinter Leveling Guide 1 – 70

neverwinter leveling guide

Leveling in Neverwinter is relatively quick and easy. You will mostly be following the glowing sparks that show you the next quest objective so you don’t waste much time figuring out where to go.

Before we start with the actual  Neverwinter Leveling Guide we will go over some general leveling tips.

Gear and Items:

  • Bagspace: If you can get some bags, this will help you out a lot. The more room you have in your inventory the better.
  • Put Azure Enchantments in every utility slot you have for bonus XP gain. Get atleast rank 5, these only cost around 200AD and boost your XP gain by 7.5% each.
  • Remember to get your mount when you can. Mounts increase runspeed which helps with leveling speed. You can also now get Inginia’s of Prosperity from the Auction House that you can equip to your mount that give bonus XP.
  • Inscribed Garments can be purchased from the Zen Market and will give you 20% extra XP.
  • Ensorcelled Items can be bought on the AH. This is powerful equipment that scales with your level and can be used at any level!
  • Companions are a really important aspect of Neverwinter. Companions come in different types like Healers, DPS and Tanks. Get one that complements your class and playstyle and they will really help you out.
  • You can give your Companions high level gear that will make them a lot more powerful.

XP Bonuses and Extra XP Gain:

  • Invoke to the gods (after level 11). Pressing CTRL + I next to an Altar (found in Neverwinter or as drops from mobs) will have your character pray. You will get stat boost, potions etc, and you will get XP. Quite a lot of XP acutally, so pray as often as you can.
  • Experience Booster and Epic Experience Booster from the Zen Market. If you have Zen or is willing to buy Zen i would recommend that you buy an Epic Experience Booster.  You will get 2x XP all the way up to level 70 and will level twice as fast.
  • Double XP events do happen from time to time and it can be wise to leave leveling alts to these periods. Check the calendar ingame to see when the next XP weekend is!
  • Being a VIP member will give you 10% extra XP.
  • Most guilds have the Experience Bonus Boon available, so join a guild to get a 3-30% XP bonus.

Alternative to Questing

If you have a guild and don’t want to level by doing quests, you can alternately do HE’s in your guilds Stronghold. This is a very fast way of leveling, especially with XP boosters and double XP events.

Generally leveling in Neverwinter is pretty easy. You progress automatically to the next zone and when you finish a zone you always get a quest that takes you to the next one. At level 60 it become a lot harder to progress though, and leveling will slow down a lot. Personally i always level my alts with an Experience Booster during a double XP weekend, doing it this way i can level to 60 within a day.  Check out our Level 70 gearing guide if you’ve hit level 70 and is wondering what to do next!

Neverwinter Leveling 61 – 70

I put the 61 – 70 leveling before 1-60 as the 1 – 60 information is a bit outdated, it will be updated in the future. And i thought most players won’t have a problem with these levels anyway.

Leveling in Neverwinter after level 60 can be slow, especially without Boosters. The only viable way to level somewhat quickly is the Vigilance quests from Module 6 : Elemental Evil. You will want to do these quests anyway to get your artifact weapon at the end. The four zones with vigilance quests are as follows :

Drowned Shore

Reclamation Rock

Fiery Pit

Spinward Rise.

Start in the drowned shore and work your way through the zones. I skipped most of Fiery Pit and went straight to Spinward Rise. You don’t need to complete all the vigilance quests in the 3 first zones but it is important to complete the quest Final Vigilance in Spinward Rise in order to get your artifact weapon.

The way vigilance quests work is that when you arrive in the Drowned shore you will start the main vigilance quest line. Every zone has 3 different quest hubs. You will have to complete 8 repeatable quests to complete the Vigilance quest and move on to the next area. These repeatable quests can be continued even after you progress to a new quest and area if you want to. Especially in the last zone, Spinward Rise, will you notice that some of the quests are a lot harder than others and some of them should be stayed away from completely if you are soloing, while other quests only take a few minutes and don’t even involve killing mobs, but will award the same amount of XP as the crazy difficult ones will. So pick your quests carefully. As the quests also have timers on them before you can repeat them, sometimes just waiting is the best option. If you find yourself waiting, doing the daily repeatable quests from Archdruid Morningdawn in Protectors Enclave is a good option as these quests also award decent XP and are easy to complete.

Below i will list all the repeatable quests involved in the Vigilance quests and what quests are the best and quickest for leveling. If you have a group or the zone is very populated with other players you can try to do the quests involving Heroic Encounters as well .After a while you will also see what quest compliment each other. A lot of the quest will involve killing the same mobs or mobs in the same areas. There are also one quest in each zone that will have you kill 100 mobs and some other stuff in each zone, always have this quest.

Drowned Shore

First Camp:

Do :

Riptide Molly
Healing Harvest
Herbal Malady
Alinda’s Bounty
Mysterious Symbol
Sea Hag Slaying
Needful Things
Silver Strike
Sea Trolling
War Machines:
The Tidemaster
Reptillian Reavers: Hunt Lizardmen
Shock Troops

Avoid :
Heroic Encounter: Breaking the Ice
Goldseeker’s Folly: Mine Rescue
Heroic Encounter: Ranger Rescue
Goldseeker’s Folly: Rogues Gallery
Heroic Encounter: Subterrenan Surge

Second Camp:

Do :

The Render
Undead from the Deep
Drowned Menace
Green-Eyed Monsters
High Road Warning
Getting Goods
Taking Stock
Crushing the Crushing Wave
Hateful Horrors
Ranger Reports
Scaly Persuasion
Life Guarding
Mossy Meg

Avoid :

Attack on Blackdagger Keep
Heroic Encounter: Pillaging the Pillagers
Heroic Encounter: Merchants in Distress
Heroic Encounter: Cultist Ambush
Sea Hag’s Hold: Down the Drain
Sea Hag’s Hold: Worse Than Death

Third Camp:


False Priests
Avenging the Guard
Beach Combing
A Seafood Diet
Slade the Thricedrowned
Stemming the Tide
Water Warriors
Waterbourne Warning
The Ravenous Host

Avoid :

Stolen Memories
Heroic Encounter: Aquatic Elf Abduction
Heroic Encounter: Fountain of Fear
Heroic Encounter: No Room at the Inn

Reclamation Rock:

First Camp :


Black Earth Survey
Cult Infiltrators
Stealing Their Mettle
Scouting the Forest
Deployment Orders
Training Manuals
Cult Connection
Fighting the Earth

Avoid :

Adepts of Ascension
Scouting Ascension
The Heroic Way
Tombs of the Watchful
Grinding the Gravel

Second Camp :


Posting the Truth
Warding off Madness
Holding the Streets
Rocky Foundations
Rescue Mission
The Verge of Collapse
Call to Alms
Recovering Reconstruction


Rock Tumbler
Voices of Stone
Hero of the City
Shaking up the Town
Hostile Induction

Third Camp:

Personally i usually skip this entierly and either move on or work on quests from a previous camp.

Do :
Black Earth, Stone Heart
Stay of Execution
Stone by Stone
By the Horns
In Memorial
Toad Bait

Avoid :

Defying the Rock
Bannermen Forever!
Taking Measures
Stolen Memories
Memorial Heroes

Fiery Pit

This is propably the worst of the zones. I tend to skip most of it and move right to Spinward Rise.

First Camp:

Do :

Burning Sensations
Connecting the Dots
Geyser Samples
Mushroom Medic
The Missing Spy
Hostile Neighbors
Orders for Destruction
Crystal Coercion
Quell Hounds
Traitorous Scum

Avoid :

Target: Olgi Fren’rah
Target: Irestund
Rescuing the Spy
Water Brigade

Second Camp:

Do :

Hot to Handle
Snuff Out the Flames
Tactical Ventilation
Target: Singe
Torch Bearer
The Searing Sentinels
Spiker Striker
Target: Flamberge
Controlled Burn
Services Rendered
Trial By Fire

Avoid :

Contained Explosion
The Burning Heart
What the Blazes?

Third Camp:

Do :

Barrier to Entry
Slaves to Business
Cache on Delivery
Financial Tracking
Pillage First
Target: Nuria Pyrellis
The Plumbing Job
Brute Squad
Saddle Down
Target: Captain Felcrest

Avoid :

The Cistern
Ring of Fire

Spinward Rise :

This is the final zone, where you will ding 70 eventually. This is the only zone where you absolutely should finish all the vigilance quests to get your artifact weapon.

An important note here is that quite a few of the quests involve killing cultists, these quests can be done on ANY of the islands and should often be done at the first one since there are more and easier cultists there. Try to get different quests involving cultists at the same time. Also always get the Tome of air line of quests from Harper Evandriel, these quests are super quick and easy to complete and give good XP. Unlock all the islands as fast as you can by completing the quests on each one. Leveling is faster when you have all of them open and can choose from all the quests.

First Island :

Do :

Tome of Air
Learning to Fly
Birds of a Feather
Shiny Metal
Target – Blackfeather
Target – North Wind
Lesser Air Runes

Avoid :

Air Cult Assault
Elemental Assault
Air Supply
Twin Breezes
Fight the Wind
Flightless Fury

Second Island :

Do :

Greater Tome of Air
Clearing the Air
Order out of Chaos
Target – Windshear
Unbound Anger
Archon Anarchy
Greater Wind Runes

Avoid :

Air Cult Assault
Elemental Assault
Slaad Summoner
Fiends of Limbo
Feeding the Slaadi
Target – Glark the Rancid

Third Island :

Do :

Grand Tome of Air
Eyes in the Sky
War Chests
Whispers on the Wind
Archon Anarchy
Target – Rastari
Target – Grackel

Avoid :

Air Cult Assault
Elemental Assault
Tempest in a Bottle
The Cloud Forges
Lofty Ideas
Cloud Magic

Once you have completed the Artifact Weapon quest and opened all the islands you still propably won’t be level 70. So you will need to repeat the quests. Nothing else in the game really gives any decent amount of XP.  I usually grab the Tome of Air quests when i can, as well as trying to gather as many that involve killing cultists at the same time as i can, or the three Kenku quests from Skreel. Good luck and grats at level 70!


Neverwinter Leveling 1 -60

(This part of the guide was written shortly after release and parts of the game might have changed since then. This will be updated)

Neverwinter Online Map
Click the map to see where to go at what level.

Generally you won’t need this guide to tell you where to go as new zones will open up as you level and you can quickly see on the map which zone you should progress to. If you have a lot of XP bonuses, quite a few zones can be skipped.

Level 1 – 4 Tutorial

The first 4 levels are super quick. The tutorial and will lead you through these levels and into the Protectors Enclave. Just follow the directions and you will be level 4 in about 5 minutes.

Level 5 – 6 Protectors Enclave

Once you are in Protectors Enclave, go and speak to Sergeant Knox in the Northern part of Protectors Enclave and he will give you the next quest.

Get The Theft of the Crow Quest which will send you to the Hall of Justice and take you to level 5.

Now talk to Corporal Benton and get the quest Vital Supplies. Get the Supplies to the south in the city and then deliver then at the Driftwood Tavern.

Now go to the Ruined Tunnels to the east. After you have finished this short dungeon go back to Sergeant Knox and you will be sent to Blacklake District.

From the Protectors Enclave you will move into Blacklake.

Level 6 – 9 Blacklake District

Once in Blacklake accept the quests in the area where you enter.

The first round of quests only takes a few minutes and gets you well on your way to level 7.

The second round of quests will send you into Blacklake Sewers. Complete the quest there and return to Private Hawthidon and you should be on your way to being level 8.

Do the next set of quests and get to the Nasher Hideout. Once you are finished with The Nasher Hideout you should be level 8.

Finish the quest and move south towards the Nasher Headquarters. Talk to Hazel the Alchemist on your way there, then go do Lakefront Property and Stolen Supplies.

When you finish Stolen Supplies, return to Hazel and get and complete Sampling Sludge.

Now go to the Nasher Headquarters and complete Cornering Karzov. Once this is finished you are done with Blacklake.

Go back to Protectors Enclave and turn in the quest. You should now be level 9.

Get new quests from Sergeant Knox.

Level 10 – 16 Tower District

After talking to Sergeant Knox, head to the Kobold-Infested Sewer in Protectors enclave. Talk to Rus Ottley in the sewers and get Finder’s Fee from him then continue.

When finished in the Koblod Sewers. Turn in Finder’s Fee, False Idols and Nest Egg. Skip the PvP and Profession quests from Sergeant Knox if you want to level as fast as possible.

Next it’s time to go to the Tower District. You might either be underleveled or run out of content a bit here. So it’s a good time to start doing some foundry quests or some group content. Remember to get your companion at level 15

Talk to Sergeant Creed to get your first quests here. Complete the quests nearby then go back and get Lost Dispatch.

Complete Lost Dispatch and head east to Captain Janros and turn it in. You should be level 11 about now.

When you are level 11 it’s time to go and learn to Invocation. Go back to Protector’s Enclave and talk to Aralynn the Pious, a little south from Sergeant Knox. Now you can Invoke the gods every hour. Always carry a portable altar from now and use it every hour as you can get a lot of XP from it.

Go back to the Tower District when you are finished and do the quest Sewer Crawl that you got from Captain Janros.

Finish the quest and go back to Janros and the NPC’s around him for more quests.

While killing Orc Taskmasters, talk to Gerad Kinesward to get the quest Fire Bugs.

Complete Fire Bugs, Supply Recovery and Bringing to Task then go back and turn in the quests.

Get Speedy Delivery and Returning the Pain then go to the Merchant Guild Hall.

Complete the Merchant Guild Hall then Return to Janros for the next part “Spying on the Cloak Tower”

Now go south a bit and talk to Private Quickfoot then to Scout Gaelen where you get the next set of quests “He Who Watches”, “The Eyes Have it” and “Conquest for Gruumsh”

Complete the Quests and turn them in. You should ding level 14 about now. Get “The Rage Mystic” and “Fists of the Warband”.

Content will get a bit harder now so run or port back to Protector’s Enclave. Talk to Sergeant Knox and get “The Broker”, “Going once, Going Twice” and “Troubled Times”

Finish the quests around the market area. You should be level 15 soon. At this point i choose to do a foundry quest or two to get to level 15.

Go back to the Tower District and go to the Orc Barracks and Finish “Fists of the Warband” You can probably do this at level 14 but i like to be level 15 at this point.

Go back to Scout Gaelen and turn in “Fists of the Warband”. Accept the new quests. Skip the Cloak Tower unless you want to find a group and do it. Talk to the Well Informed Harper right next to you to complete the quest.

Now go back to Protector’s Enclave. Go back to Sergeant Knox and turn in the quest. Get Troubled Times if you didn’t before.

At this point i choose to do Foundry quests until level 16 so that i can get a companion before continuing. “The Dweomerkeepers” are a good line of Foundry quests and will get you to level 16 pretty quick.

When you are level 16 accept the quest you get when you level up to get a companion. Head over to the Grand Emporium in Protector’s Enclave to get your companion.

Levl 17 – 19 Protector’s Enclave and Various Areas.

It’s now time to work on “Troubled Times”. Finish the quest and return to Sergeant Knox and get “The Wizard’s Folly”.

Now travel to Wizard’s Folly and do the quest. Return to Knox after you’ve finished and get “Spellburst”.

Travel to The Beggar’s Nest. Complete “Spellburst” then turn it in. You should be level 18 now.

Tip Remember to send your companion to training or you might have a hard time defeating mobs.

Accept “The Plague Tower” and “Trouble at the Broken Crown” from Knox.

Now go to the Plague Tower.

Finish the Plague Tower and return to Sergeant Knox.

You should now be level 19.

Level 20 – 24  Blackdagger Ruins

Now it’s time to move on to Blackdagger Ruins

Talk to Seven Toes to start your questing here.

Look for the Harper. When you get to Old Lenn get “A Leaky Proposition” and “Lights on the Rocks”. Go west and complete the quests.

Turn in “Lights on the Rocks” to Xalliana and get “Salvaging Order and “Savaging Salvagers” From her.

Complete these 2 quests and turn in “A Leaky Proposition” and get “The Hidden Cove” From Old Lenn.

Turn in the quests to Xalliana and get “The Sea Caves”

Complete “The Sea Caves” and turn it in. Get “Seeking Goldseeker”

Now go do “The Hidden Cove” and turn it in to Old Lenn.

Now go back east to around where you entered Blackdagger ruins and into the Inn and talk to Goldseeker.

Get “The Lost Caravan” quest from him.

Find your way around to the 4 caravans. When you get to Sergeant “Dusty” Yates turn in “The Lost Caravan”, accept the quests “Hunting the Hunters” , “The Hidden Mine” and “Tracking Through Blood”.

Do the quests except “The Hidden Mine”, the last boss is pretty tough so you will want to level to level 23 before attempting it. Krag Foultooth can still be hard at level 23 but with potions and using some daily powers you should be fine.

At level 23 do “The Hidden Mine” and turn it in. Accept “The Harper’s Watch”

Tip : At around level 20 if you can afford one, go and get a mount in Protector’s Enclave.

Turn in “The Harper’s Watch” to Garl Gnarlclaw and get “Bloodying the Bandits” and “Grimstorm Keep”.

Complete both quests and return to Gnarl. The last boss on “Grimstone Keep” can be quite hard but it’s doable at level 23.

Now get “Blackdagger Bested” and return to Sergeant Knox again. Get “Grave News” from Knox.

Level 25 – 29/30 Neverdeath Graveyard

Now go to Neverdeath Graveyard and turn in the quest. Get quests from all 3 questgivers here. Get “The Missing Doomguides”, “Lost Notes” and “Correcting History”.

While questing if a mob drops a Lich’s Phylactery. Loot it, click it and accept the quest “A Lich’s Lament”

Do all these quests, come back and turn them in and get “The Undead and the Dying”, “Smash the Hulks”, “Thinning the Horde” and “Rest in Peace” from the quest givers around the quest hub.

Complete these quests and turn them in. Get “Clear the Crypt” , “Red Rituals”, “Mercenary Nature” and “A Doomguard’s Duty”.

Do these quests but wait with “Mercenary Nature” for a bit.

Do the quests and turn them in. Get “The Emissary of the Dead”, “Dragon Attack” and “Enter the Dragon”

Do “The Emissary of the Dead” First.

Turn in “The Emissary of the Dead” To Doomguide Volahk and get “Wearers of Purple” and turn it in to Harper Windle

Now it’s time to start working on the quests on the northern part of Neverdeath Graveyard.

Complete “Mercenary Nature” and “Enter The Dragons” and turn them in. Get “Whack a Gnoll” and “Filial Villainy”

You should be around level 27 now.

Go and complete “Dragon Attack”, then return to Tristopher Chettlebell and turn it in. Get “History Lessons”.

Talk to Harper Windle next to him and get “Artifact Snatch”

Complete all your quests and turn them in. You should be around level 28 now.

Get “Wheels within Wheels” and “Opening the Way”

Complete these quests and get “The Clockwork Tomb”

The quest is pretty long but just follow the path and you should be fine.

The Answer to the Question of Time are : Twelve.

Go back and turn it in to Tristopher.

Talk to Harper Windle again and get “Graveyard at Rest”.

Return to Protector’s Enclave.

Turn the quest in to Knox and get “Deviltry in Helm’s Hold”.

Level 30 – 35 Helm’s Hold

Time to go to Helm’s Hold.

Talk to Captain’s Dunfield and turn in “Deviltry in Helm’s Hold”. Get “Death to the Devils!” and “Thin Their Numbers”.

Complete the quests and turn them in. Get “Arms of the Dead” and “Take out Their Leaders” from Dunfield.

Get “Bless the Fallen” From Brother Theodosian.

Turn in “Bless the Fallen” to Theodosian

Go north to Brother Satarin and turn in the other quests. Get “Healing the Scar” and “Suffer the Poisoners”

Get “Devil’s Council” from Corlan Graves.

Complete and turn in the quests.

Get “Escape From Scar Alley” and “The Treacherous Scum” from Brother Satarin.

Complete these and get “The Underscar”

After completing “The Underscar” Go east to Dassar Truebow and turn it in.

Get “Heal the Breach” and “Shields of Vigilance”

Complete these and get “Hunting the Summoners” from Dassar and “Burn the Supplies” from Hedgewizard Nottin.

Complete the quests and get “The Crypt of Vigilance”.

Complete the quest. If you are having trouble with Halas the Pure, you are going to have to level a bit with foundry quests or something. You should be fine though, just keep using potions and resurrecting your companion.

Return to Dassar and turn it in and get “Hidden Council”

Go to the Old Dirty Dwarf Tavern and turn in “Hidden Council” to Councilwoman Callum.

Get “Hell Reaver” and “Devilish Injustice”.

Kill the Devils and collect the posters outside. Give the posters to Othar Otharson. Then go and turn in the quests.

Get “The Being from Beyond”.

Complete the quest. There will be quite some running back and forth.

Once you are done go back to Callum and turn it in and get “The Sanatorium”

Complete “The Sanatorium” and talk to Councilwoman Callum at the end.

Get “Leaving the Devil Behind”.

It’s now time to head on back to Sergeant Knox again.

Turn in “Leaving the Devil Behind” and get “Company of Wolves” and “The Haunting of Ebon Downs”

Level 35 – 38 Ebon Downs

The Ebon Downs is a rather quick zone compared to the last few ones and will take you to level 38 or so pretty fast.

Talk to Melwil Stoutheart when you enter the Ebon Downs. Get “The Ghost of Grimhollow”.

Do the quest and turn it in to Galwyn Grist when he appears.

Get “Fires of Home”, “The Pale Shepherds” and “Blessing the Bones”.

Complete these and go back to Galwyn and get “The Haunted Doomguides”

Now go east to the Doomguides.

Turn in “The Haunted Doomguides” and “Blessing the Bones” to Doomguide Soulhearth.

Get “Sealing the Crypts” from Soulhearth. And “Spider Hunting” from Sergeant Benton.

Complete “Sealing the Crypts” and then return to Soulhearth.

Get “Lore of the Dead”, “The Dread Horde” and “The Barrow Lords”.

Complete the quests. Synchronize doing “The Barrow Lords” and “Lore of the Dead” as you will be going to the same places for both.

Turn in the quests and get “The Soul Savers” and “The Drowned King”.

Complete these quests and turn them in. Get “The Throne of Ildris” if you feel like grouping, otherwise just skip it.

Get “Back up from Ebon Downs” and return to Protector’s Enclave. Turn it in to Knox.

Get “Company of Wolves” if you didn’t before.

Level 38 – 40 Vellosk

It’s now time to head to Vellosk.

Turn in “Company of Wolves” to Thalos Oathbreaker. Get “Ancient Heritage” and “The Dark Hunter”

Get “Hungry Like The Wolves” from Forsworn Wolf Trainer.

When you are doing the quests as you go west you will run into Jingo Rummage. Get “Good Eats”

Complete all the quests. Get “Sacred Meeting”.

Go north and turn it in to Kyrn Whitesky. Get “Relic of the Past” and “Ruins of the Fallen”.

Talk to Diana Fairwinds and get “Stealing Thunder”.

Complete all the quests. Turn them in and get “Lightning Strikes” and “Voice of Thunder”.

Complete and turn in and get “Seeking the Spirit”.

Go north and turn it in to Dying Howl. Get “Whisperer in Darkness”

Complete it and get “Masters in  Twilight” and “The Shadow Falls” from Dying Howl.

Turn in the quests and get “The Hight Road”

Go northeast to Hadrik Longtooth and turn it in. Get “Moonlight & Shadow” and “Leaders of the Pack”

Complete the quests and turn them in. Get “Back to the City”. (Get “Into the Wolf Den” if you want to group up.)

Head back to Sergeant Knox and turn in “Back tot the City”. Get “Company Yargo”.

Level 40 – 42 Various

Around level 40 you will notice that your companion will start to get squishy if you got the standard ones. It’s a good idea to try to get a better companion and / or buy gear upgrades. I also like to level a few levels doing PvP , Foundry Quests or group content to level a few levels right now. Both grouping and PvP leveling is very fast and you should be level 42 in no time.

Level 42 – 45 Pirate’s Skyhold

Talk to Ranger Leokas in Pirate’s Skyhold and turn in “Company Yargo”. Get “Hostile Takeover”

Talk to Irrae and get “Catching Light” and “Every Last Drop”

When questing and killing mobs loot a Herb Poultice that will drop from the mobs. Click it to get the quest “Nature’s Bounty”

Complete the quests. Don’t worry about “Catching Light” right away, just make sure to participate by clicking one of the wisps when the contest starts.

Turn in the quests and get “Network Repair” and “The Scaled Menace”

Go south and complete the quests. Turn them in to Scout Tragold. Accept “A Skyship’s Remains” and “Reclamation”

Complete and turn in the quests and get “Ahead to Skull Fortress”

Go east to Ranger Thoros and turn it in and get “Eviction” and get “Search and Seizure” from Lili Huntinghawk.

When doing the quest be sure to pick up a Bag of Materials that drop of the mobs. Click it to get “Something to Build On”.

Complete the quests and go to Shaben Shortcloak and turn them in.

Get “Breaking the Blackscales” and “Beneath Skull Fortress”

Complete the quests and turn them in.

Get “The Dead City” and go north to Norver the Cook to complete it. Get “Blackdagger Buccaneers” and “Saving the Living”.

Complete the quests and get “The Inside Job”

Do the quest and go to Shil Yargo to complete it. Accept “Opposition Research” and “Shattered Ships of the Sky”.

Get “A Reason for Distress” from Aluries Arborshate.

Complete all the quests and turn them in.

Get “Scoundrel’s Retreat”

When you kill the boss for “Scoundrel’s Retreat”. Loot Kayliss’ Artifact and click it to get “The Key to the Sky”

Return to Shil Yargo and turn in the quests. Get “Giving Unlikely Thanks” and “Back on Solid Ground”.

Complete “Giving Unlikely Thanks”, get “The Pirate King” if you want to group up. Otherwise return to Sergeant Knox in Protector’s Enclave.

Turn in “Back on Solid Ground” to Knox and get “Peril on Icespire Peak”.

Level 45 – 49 Icespire Peak

Talk to Bolbin Ironbrow in Icespire Peak and turn in the quest. Get “Winterkill Orders”.

Talk to Vaile Birchsmith and get “Prisoners of War” and “Retake What’s Mine”

Go Southeast to the quest area. In the middle there is a treestub with a book on it, click it to get “The Mother Lode”.

The ruby for “The Mother Lode” can be hard to find. But just go to the middle of the eastern wall of the area you are in. You will see a bunch of blue ice stalagmites, the ruby is in between them.

Turn in the quests and get “Last Line of Defense” and “The Goblin Warrens”

Do the quests. When you enter The Goblin Warrens, go straight ahead and click the crates in front of a locked gate, get “Playing Both Sides”.

Turn in the quests to Bolbin. Get “Into the Fold”

Talk to Markos Rosznar and return to Bolbin. Get “The Forward Front”

Go north to Garora Oakhew and turn it in. Get “Strange Alchemy”

Kill Troll and turn in the quest. Get “Under Thin Ice” and “Thinning the Pack”

Complete “Under Thin Ice” and kill the 3 wolves for “Thinning the Pack”.

Go north and turn in “Under Thin Ice” to Belauk Forgearm. Get “A Breath of Fresh Air”

Complete the quests and get “The Icehammer”

Complete “The Icehammer”. Turn in and get “An Axe Too Far”

Go North to Florin Icehammer and turn it in. Get “Meltdown” and “Hrimnir’s Hands”

Get “Words of Stone” from Orreft Mountwatch.

Do all the quests (The giants look hard but they are easy), and turn them in.

Get “The Final Climb” and “Clear the Path”

Go through the tunnel and complete the quests.

Turn in to Erren Rockstrider. Get “A Dangerous Distraction”

Do the quest and return and get “The Icy Guardian”

Finish the quest (You can pull the boss back to the room a way back with a lot of traps and they will make short work of him).

Turn it in and get “To Remember the Fallen”

Complete the quest. If you can’t plant the flag, move around the pile and try from another angle.

Go back and turn it in and get “Reckoning”

Go back to Florin Icehammer and turn it in.

Get “Icespire’s Frozen Heart” if you feel like getting a group.

Otherwise just get “The Mithral Must Flow” and go back to Protector’s Enclave.

Go back to Sergeant Knox and turn it in. Get “Descent into the Chasm” and “A Shadow in Rothè Valley”

Level 50 – 53  The Chasm

Now it’s time to head over to the Chasm.

Talk to Captain Markath and turn in “Decent into the Chasm”. Get “Call to Arms”

Get “Staring Contest” from Private Sethrun.

Complete the quests and get “Plaguefires Burning”

Complete it and go north and turn it in to Lieutenant Trell. Get “Point of Pride”

Get “Fallen Heroes” from Chaplain Emrys and “Brute Force” From Sergeant Blackforge.

Complete the quests and turn them in. Get “Quenching the Flames”

Complete the quest and turn it in. Get “Arcane Scryings”

Get “Love In The Time of Spellplague” from Private Olliver

Do the quest then move on to The Scrying Tower.

Get “Search and Rescue” from Ril Ironlance.

Turn in “Arcane Scryings” to Quorthon. Get “Each Day is Precious” and “Warped Magic”

Talk to Dorothea Linkletter

Turn in “Love in The Time of Spellplague” to Private Taliren

Get “A Grave Task” from Private Goodmark

When doing the quests go to the northern part of the island and talk to Cordi Nimblefingers and get “Avoiding Eye Contact”

Complete all the quests, Except “Each Day is Precious” (Just get to the part where you get the elixir to Josef Linkletter”.

Turn in the quests and get “Weapon Salvage” and “Foulspawn Foothold”.

Get “A Final Favor” From Sergeant Danrick.

Complete all your quests and turn them in. Get “Monstrous Melee” and “Acolytes of Corruption”

Get “Madmen and Fools” from Private Taliren

Complete all the quests and get “Cathedral of Madness”

Complete “Cathedral of Madness” and get “Chaotic Depths” when you’ve finished.

Go to The Mystic Grotto. Turn in “Chaotic Depths” to Quorthon. Get “A Well Chronicled Tragedy” and “Crystal Clarity”

Get “Under Contract” from Hal the Henchman.

Complete and turn in the quests. Get “Closer to the Source”

Go north and turn it in to Quorthon. Get “Guardians of the Fane” and “Foul Pilgrimage”

Complete the quests and get “Source of Corruption”

Complete the quest (If you are having trouble with the Eye of Blue Fire, it can be kited quite easily through the entire instance)

Turn it in and get “Chasm Report” and “Ending the Madness” should you want to group.

Go back to Sergeant Knox in Protector’s Enclave and turn in “Chasm Report”. Get “A Fire in the Mountain”

Level 53 – 55  Rothé Valley

Go to Rothé Valley now and turn in “A Shadow in Rothé Valley” to Dassar Truebow. Get “Scouting For Rangers” and “Raiders of Rothé Valley”

Talk to Imbross Irri’Karr while looking for the Rangers and get “Assassin Search”

Complete all the quests and turn them in to Imbross. Get “Pulled from the Web” and “Ledgers of Cruelty”

Complete the Quests and get “The Night Raid”

Complete “The Night Raid” and get “A Hero In Hiding”

Find Mayor Gunderson and turn in the quest. Get “Rattling Doors” , “Clearing the Nest” and “A Village in the Webs”

Do all the quests and turn them in. Get “The Deathweavers” and “Shroud of the Spider-Queen”

Complete the quest and turn them in. Get “The Edge of the Underdark”

Do the quest and turn it in to Mayor Gunderson.

Get “Spiderwebs Swept” and return to Sergeant Knox. Get “The High Priestess of Lolth” if you want  to group  up.

Go back to Knox and turn in “Spiderwebs Swept”

Level 55 – 58  Mount Hotenow

Head over to Mount Hotenow.

Talk to Vandra Hillborn. Turn in “A Fire in the Mountain”. Get “Missing the Ash” and “Knowledge From the Ashes”

Complete the quests and go north to Geologist Darney and turn them in. Get “Venting the Underneath”

Get “Seeds from Cinders” from Heartleaf the Dryad

Complete and turn in and get “Warm Earth” and “Shadowfire Cavern”

Do the quests. Go back to Heartleaf the Dryad and turn in “Warm Earth” and get “Planting for the Future”

Plant the seed and get back to Heartleaf to turn in the quest.

Go to Historian Thrimbul and turn in “Shadowfire Cavern” . Get “Seeds of Rebirth” and “The Flames of War”

Complete the quests and go back to Thrimbul and turn them in. Get “History of Hotenow”

Complete it and turn in. Get “Fireguard Fortress”.

Complete and go back to Thrimbul and turn in. Get “The Fire Fighters”

Head southwest to Surveyor Baera and turn it in.  Get “Watching it Burn” and “The Fire Lords”

Complete the quests and turn them in. Return and get “Secrets of Fire”

Complete it and return to Baera. Get “Temple of the Primordial”

Complete the quest. Go back to Surveyot Baera and get “Returning the Fire”.

Get “The Caverns of Karrundax” if you want to group.

Go back to Sergeant Knox in Protector’s Enclave and turn in “Returning the Fire”.

Get “Into The Underdark”

Level 58 – 60 The Whispering Caverns

It’s now finally time to venture into the Underdark. Head over to the Whispering Caverns for your last leveling stretch.

Talk to Davlin Hoth and turn in “Into the Underdark”. Get “Dark Hunters”

Talk to Elben Meridius and get “Mapping the Underdark”

Talk to Una Soverson and get “Vile Venom”

Talk to Megan Arrowroot and get “Underdark Harvest”

Talk to Hubert Windcastle and get “Ignoble Duty”

Exit the Area and go to the east. Get “Long Overdue” From Wendolyn Shoosh.

Complete and turn in the quests. Get “Prisoners of the Drow” and “Foul Fungus”

Talk to Cole Rivers and get “The Spider Queen’s Faithful”

Complete all the quests. Get “Xorlarrin Outpost”

Complete the quest. Turn it in and get “Delving Deeper”

Go north to Jasper Steele and turn it in. Get “The Payoff”

Get “Labor Relations” from Grunn Axbridge

Get “A Winch in Their Plans” from Malm Axbridge.

Complete the quests and turn them in.

Get “Powerful Alloys”, “The Overseer”, “Quality Work” and “Master Smiths”.

Go to the area where you do all these quests. Talk to Antor Bren and get “A Hell of a Read”

Complete all the quests and get “Wrathforge”

Complete “Wrathforge” and return to Jasper Steele to get “The Upper Vault”

Go into the Upper Vault and turn in the quest to Soren Ravaris.

Get “Thrall Keepers” and “Resonance Stones”

Talk to Hollie Tinkerstone and get “Extra Awful”

Do the quests and turn them in. Get “Into The Unknown”

On your way there talk to Mad Brock and get “A Dish Best Served Cold”

Go to Wruz Olg’lmar and turn it in. Get “Brain Damage”

Complete and turn in “Brain Damage”. Get “Unwilling Hosts”

Complete it and get “The Birthing Pools”

Complete “The Birthing Pools” and “A Dish Best Served Cold” and turn them in.

You can continue and do “Illithid Enclave” but the last boss can be really tricky to do solo. You should have leveled 60 by now unless you have done something very wrong. Usually i ding 60 about 20 quests before this.


Neverwinter Leveling Guide



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