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Soloing as a Devoted Cleric

Neverwinter has a pretty limited set of classes, and having played all of them to level 40 + they seem to be pretty well balanced and all solo pretty well. Some require more skill than others, and while this isn’t necessarily true all the time for the Devoted Cleric as they seem to be capable soloers most of the time, if played with skill they can be soloing monsters.

If you build your character well (Devoted Cleric builds coming soon right here), as well as time your attacks, heals and learn to move well and use your dodges well you can solo pretty much anything. F.ex on quite a few bosses where i had to leave and level a few levels with my other characters, my Devoted Cleric would prevail almost every time. Fights might be slow as you won’t be able to stand around and spam attacks if you can’t keep your tank companion alive, but when you learn to move and time your attacks you will pretty much be invincible, as you can move if circles while timing heals and attacks and the mobs won’t ever get to you.

Some tips for soloing a Devoted Cleric.

– Always have a ton of Potions, even though you can heal. Potions are cheap and are lifesavers even for healers.

– Tank Companions are the best companions for Devoted Clerics. Your heals will affects both you and your Companion when you solo. On trash mobs you will be able to keep yourself and your merc at full HP most of the time if you keep your heals up. The Tank will also keep mobs at a distance you you can just spam attacks. On bosses your tank companion might die, but if you move and keep a distance between you and the mobs you will be able to keep resurrecting your companion by just clicking him. A good trick is to resurrect your companion when you got some distance to the boss, then use your healing daily power and then spam your normal heals.

– Moving after your companion dies is key. Move, Move, Move, Attack, rather than Attack, Attack, Attack, Move, Die.

More tips coming

Devoted Cleric Solo

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