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Soloing as a Guardian Fighter

Neverwinter is a great game for solo players. All the classes in the game can solo pretty well . Since it’s an action MMO soloing relies a lot on player skill as well, and as you get used to your class you will get better at soloing. The game also have a few things that will help you solo as any class. Potions are one important aspect of soloing, in Neverwinter healing potions are really cheap and can be used often. Some boss fights you will use 10-30 potions to stay alive but it doesn’t really matter since the potions are so cheap.¬†Another important aspect, is companions. Companions as available at level 15 and will work as a pet / group member. As a Guardian Fighter, the Cleric is a good choice for a companion although all the companions can work well depending on playstyle. The Cleric will heal you and since the Guardian Fighter is a tanking class with good DPS you will be a killer team.

Guardian Fighters have a lot of survivability and dish out decent damage. Use your shield and learn to move out of the way for spells and learn to position yourself and you will be able to tackle most content. Your combat skills can do AOE damage and stun your enemies. You can also spend your action points to do extra damage or heal yourself when you damage enemies. The ability to heal yourself is extremely useful for bosses.

We at Free Mmorpg Guides leveled 2 Guardian Fighters to level 40 in a day during Beta Weekend 2 and experienced very little trouble with the class. All solo content was very easy and leveling was very fast.

As far as build or spec goes we haven’t developed a soloing spec yet but we will post one pretty soon. This guide will be updated closer to release with more solo tips for Guardian Fighters.

Guardian Figher Solo

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